instructor/ESL teacher hiring for kids training center

-Free accommodation 
-Visa fee covered
-training program paid

Romp n’ Roll is the premier play-based educational program for children and their parents.  Through developmentally appropriate movement, art, and music classes children from 3 months to 6 years of age exercise their bodies, grow their minds, and nurture their imaginations.

Research has shown that the fascinating, free-form activities that Romp n’ Roll provides in a wide variety of classes enable young children to build the strongest foundations for success in school and later in life.  The small and cozy class sizes, experienced and enthusiastic teachers, and stimulating and safe environments create exciting and exhilarating experiences that allow them to take maximum advantage of the extraordinary educational power of play during the early years.

Research also has shown that children make the most progress when they are in the presence of people who love them dearly, are aware of their developmental and educational needs, and express immense pride and joy in their achievements.  By preparing and permitting mothers and fathers to be full partners in the process, Romp n’ Roll gives both parents and children the best opportunities to maximize their potential.

Many parents struggle to find a proper balance between “having fun” and “learning.”  It is nice to know there is a place where having fun and learning are one and the same.  It happens all day, every day, one family at a time at Romp n’ Roll.