All of our apartments are in good locations of Beijing. Usually they are two or three bedrooms apartments. ESL teachers will have single bedrooms, with shared kitchen, bathroom and living room. The apartment will be furnished with air conditioner, refrigerator, WIFI, western shower and toilet, bed, desk, closet and other necessary things for living. However, ESL teachers shall provide their own beddings and personal things like towel, etc.
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Yuan is the Chinese currency, also called RMB. 6.2 Yuan is about 1 USD. We pay 6000-10000 Yuan/month for the ESL teachers depends on the teachers’ qualifications and the nationality. We provide free accommodation for the teachers. If the teachers do not need free accommodation. We will give the teachers 3000 Yuan as the housing allowance and we will assist you to find an apartment and sign the lease, etc. Usually foreigner standard one bedroom apartment is about 4000 Yuan/month. Two bedrooms apartment is about 5500 Yuan/month.
Besides the salary we give the teachers 6000 Yuan as the airfare reimbursement and TESOL/TEFL certificate for free if you finish one year contract with us.
In China the insurance system is different from foreign countries, its very easy and cheap to buy medicines in China, if you are sick we will take you to buy the medicine in the pharmacy, usually its about 20-30 Yuan, very cheap. Usually if the teachers are really sick they will go back home to cure anyway, so the health insurance is not really necessary, hence most of the schools and us do not provide that.