Since we have many cooperate schools, most of the schools are training schools and kindergartens, so they do not have winter and summer holidays, and we welcome the teachers to come at anytime of the year. 
Step 1: Applicant emails resume, passport photo, etc. to

Step 2: Upon receipt of these, we will contact the applicant and may request additional information and/or documents. A telephone interview may be conducted (if necessary).

Step 3: We will then forward the contract and documents necessary for visa processing.

Step 4: The candidate is required to contact the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate where they are to apply for the relevant visa type (we will advise you on this). Once the documents are accepted by the embassy, applicants are then encouraged to make the necessary travel preparations (vaccinations, airfare, etc.)

Step 5: Upon arriving Beijing, ForeignerHR will arrange airport pick up and free living accommodations in Beijing. The second day ForeignerHR will arrange the candidates training and meeting the principal at the school.

Step 6: After visiting the school, if both parties are satisfied. ForeignHR will arrange the candidates the long term apartment nearby the school and the candidates will start to work in two or three days. 
Above 18 years old, decide to come to China and commit for not less than six months
Have a clean criminal record
Healthy, not shy, don’t afraid of speaking publicly, outgoing, easygoing
Love children, like teaching children, like doing games and interact with children
It doesn’t matter if you do not have any teaching experience. Many of our teachers have never taught before. As long as you have a positive attitude towards teaching, we can give you free training and help you become a great teacher and gain hand on experience.
It doesn’t matter if you do not speak any Chinese, because all of our staff speak good English in order to communicate with you. Most of our teachers don’t speak any Chinese either, but it doesn’t affect they have a great working and living experience in China.
It doesn’t matter if you do not have a degree or teaching certificate, we consider the attitude and the personality more important. 
If you are a native English speaker, have a BA degree and graduated for at least two years and have two years teaching experience, you can come with a Z visa. You need to mail us your original non criminal record, the copy of your passport, BA degree and two years teaching experience reference letters and your health check up and photos. We will apply the working permit and the Z visa invitation letter from the government and mail you the documents, you can bring the documents to the local Chinese embassy to apply the Z visa.
If you are not up to the requirements, you can first come with a tourist visa or business visa, depends on your nationality we will tell you which visa you need to get. It doesn’t matter which visa you need to get, we will always email you the invitation letter and direct you how to get the visa in the local Chinese embassy. And after you come to China and pass the probation period we will still give you a Z visa, by then we will arrange everything for you and give you all the detail instructions, however you have to go to HongKong once in order to obtain the Z visa, you need to pay for the flights to HongKong and come back, we will pay for the visa fee itself and arrange all the relative documents for you.
It doesn’t matter which visa you get, you always have to bring the ORIGINAL non criminal record with you when you come to China.
If you are from the UK, you can use this website ( or (
If you are from the US, you can use this website ( You can also contact an agency to help you, like this one (
You need to pay for the temporary visa fee in your home country and ForeignerHR will pay for your long term visa after you arrive China and ForeignerHR will provide you required documents and guide you the whole period of applying the visa.